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18 years old or older Canadian citizens, Canadian permanent residents.

Special Benefit for Atomy Members

  • Atomy Membership is the gateway to success, backed up by the Global Atomy Super Networking Marketing System for Super Masstige and Mass Capitalism.
  • Atomy brings you many benefits from acquiring access to high quality products at very low prices, the ability to sell them for a profit, to get a discount for larger quantities, and even receive income.

Only CITIZENS or PERMANENT RESIDENTS of Canada are eligible to receive commission once verifying and uploading Government photo ID, SIN document and Direct Deposit Form on ‘Edit My Account’ page.

Fill out the Atomy registration form

After registration, we will send you the Atomy login ID and password to your E-mail.

All information entered MUST match your Legal name & Date of birth, otherwise this account will not be eligible for Citizens/Permanent Residents of Canada to start receiving commission in the future.
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1. Expect an e-mail verification letter in the near future.
2. Complete the e-mail verification.
3. After receiving the verification code, we will register you and send you the ID and password to log into Atomy to your E-mail.

If you have any difficulties filling out the form, you can register with Atomy yourself.

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 Mon – Fri (9:00 am – 5:00 pm) PST



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